Canadian Customs Import Duties Recovery

What is Duties Recovery?

Companies that import goods into Canada have to pay duty. Similar to sales tax, most of these companies end up overpaying duty without realizing it. Duties Recovery is the process of reclaiming these overpaid duties.

How Far Back Does Duties Recovery Go?

Duty recoveries can go as far back as four (4) years after the release date of the goods imported into Canada.

How Often Should We Complete a Duties Recovery?

A reverse audit for duties should be conducted at least every four (4) years or as needed per organizational, legislative or regulatory changes introduced.

What do I need for Duties Recovery?

Once prequalified for a Duties Recovery, companies provide our consultants with the authorization to obtain and review the records of the imported goods into Canada from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Why Should I Do Duties Recovery?

The benefit of conducting a duties review is that it enables importers to achieve two (2) simple objectives and that is to minimize their landed cost and maximize compliance.

How PMBA Can Help

PM Business Advisors are the experts in the Canadian Customs Import Duties Reviews. We obtain key information such as a firm report from Canada Border services and client data to analyze all the goods imported during the past 4 years to identify anomalies and potential duty overpayments.

In every engagement, PM Business Advisors obtain a ruling from Canada Customs prior to filing a refund for all or part of the duty identified as overpaid.  This avoids any future compliance issues should Canada Customs perform an audit at a later date.

We also complete and submit Canadian duty drawbacks for eligible clients.

PM Business Advisors manage all refund claims from beginning to end and we work directly with the tax authorities should they have any questions regarding the refund or drawback claims.

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