Income Tax

Consulting and Planning:

Our team is prepared to assist your multi-state company with all the state & local income and franchise tax challenges. We have a team of partners with industry experience including technology, manufacturing, service, finance and retail industry. Our services include:

  • Legal entity structural planning
  • Nexus reviews and voluntary disclosure agreements
  • Audit Defense
  • Effective tax rate planning
  • State reporting of federal adjustments
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence

Credits & Incentives:

Competition for great jobs has driven many states to expand their offerings for incentives related to job creation and capital investments. There are many programs available on the state and local level, but many times these opportunities are missed by companies.

Some of these opportunities are statutory and available at any time, but many of these credits and incentives are negotiated and only available if approved by the local jurisdictions. Credits are available for many taxes, including income, property, payroll and sales tax. Cash incentives and loans are also offered by many jurisdictions.

Some business activities that could lead to incentive packages include:

  • Job creation do to re-location or expansion
  • Capital investment through real estate and equipment

If your company anticipates any of these business activities in the upcoming year, please contact us to discuss the potential incentives. We will offer a complimentary analysis and report regarding your fact patterns and the potential refunds that may be available.

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