March 31st Deadline For Start-Ups to Claim R&D Tax Credit Refunds Approaching

If qualified start-up companies with research and development activities want to take advantage of the option to offset payroll taxes in the second quarter, the deadline is quickly approaching. Qualified start-up companies have until March 31, 2017, to file their 2016 tax return if they want to offset their payroll taxes in July 2017. Under the current rules, taxpayers cannot take advantage of this opportunity on an amended return. Qualified start-up companies that file their 2016 tax return AFTER March 31, 2017, can still apply for the offset but have to wait until the third-quarter.

A qualified start-up company is any company that has gross receipts for five years or less AND total gross receipts for 2016 does not exceed $5M. Qualified start-ups must then complete this three step process;

  • Conduct an R&D Tax Credit Study to obtain a sustainable tax return position
  • File Form 6765 with 2016 tax return
  • File Form 8974 along with your next Form 941

Please remember many high-tech start-ups can qualify for this credit including digital marketing companies, SaaS companies, information service providers, gaming platforms and many others.

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