Sales Tax Audits

Almost all companies, regardless of size, will undergo a sales tax audit. However, the different size companies will all face different challenges. Luckily for you, PMBA has a well-seasoned team of state & local tax professionals to help you at any level. Our experience extends across the US, and in certain cases, we tap into our large network of national consultants to deal with sales & use tax questions.

Small Companies Sales Tax Audit:

When a small business receives its first sales tax audit notice, shivers can run down the spine of owners. Images of individuals being escorted out of tax court in handcuffs for tax evasion are only the beginning.

Many small business owners may not be aware if they have been complying correctly or even at all. Our advisors are available for a pre-audit scoping session to discuss all areas of concern. We can explain the audit process and what to expect. We can represent your company in the audit and offer a buffer between you, your company, and the audit team.

Mid-Sized Companies Sales Tax Audit:

You may be wondering, if your company has been around for 10 years and you have already survived several sales tax audits with relatively little damage, what help would you possibly need? Great question. For mid-sized companies in this position, we offer several ways to assist. We are always available to come in at the end of the audit to review your assessment and see if we can get it lower.

Our team has handled over 200 audits over the past 15 years and you wouldn’t believe some of the tricks up our sleeves. Also, we specialize in looking for refunds. State auditors are one-track minded. They are not required to point out when your company has overpaid sales tax. Our team has identified, filed and collected over $150M in refunds in overpaid sales tax over the last 15 years.

Large Companies Sales Tax Audit:

Most Fortune 1000 companies have dedicated staff dealing with tax issues on a day to day basis. In some circumstances, you may have a dedicated sales tax professional. However, chances are this person is juggling multiple tasks including multiple tax audits at the same time. Although they are doing their best, it is always wise to take a second look.

Our advisors can assist your sales tax team to ensure the audits are completed in a timely manner with amazing results. In addition, the larger the companies, the larger the refund claim potentials, the larger the resources needed.

Here is the best part – we offer numerous flexible fee options. In many circumstances, we can eliminate all of the risks and take the project on a contingent basis. If you have a budget, we can offer a fixed fee solution. Finally, if you prefer a traditional hourly basis consulting arrangement, we offer very competitive rates for some of the most talented and experienced professionals in SALT.

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