Sales Tax Audits

Almost all companies, regardless of size, will undergo a sales tax audit. However, different sized companies will face unique challenges. PMBA’s well-seasoned team of state & local tax professionals is prepared to help at any level. Our experience extends across the US, and in certain cases, we leverage our expansive network of national consultants to answer specific sales & use tax questions.

Sales Tax Audit for Small Companies:

When a small business receives its first sales tax audit notice, owners might panic. In many cases, the responsible party may not be aware if they have been complying correctly or even at all.

Our advisors are available for a pre-audit analysis to discuss all areas of concern. At which time, we can explain the audit process, manage expectations, represent the company in the audit, and act as a buffer between you, your company, and the audit team.

Sales Tax Audit for Mid-Sized Companies:

Companies that have already survived several sales tax audits with relatively little damage may wonder why they need this support. For mid-sized companies in this position, we offer several ways to assist. For instance, at the end of an audit, our experts can review the assessment and attempt to lower the liability or uncover hidden refund opportunities.

Since state auditors are not required to point out when a company has overpaid sales tax, we work to identify, file, and collect the refunds. In the past 20 years, our team has completed over 300 audits and successfully uncovered over $300M in overpaid sales tax refunds. 

Sales Tax Audit for Large Companies:

Most Fortune 1000 companies have dedicated staff responsible for tax issues. In some circumstances, there may be a specific sales tax professional. However, chances are this person is juggling multiple tasks, including multiple tax audits at the same time. Although they are doing their best, it is always wise to take a second look.

Our advisors can help your sales tax team ensure the audits are completed on time with exceptional results.


At PMBA, you will receive “Big 4” expertise with boutique service. Work with some of the best SALT experts in the industry at fees that accommodate your business model and budget.

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