Sales Tax Recovery

Are you aware that the average Fortune 1000 Company pays ten times more sales & use tax than income tax? However, these corporations spend five times the resources managing their income tax liability and reducing their effective tax rate. Also, every sales tax dollar saved increases earnings while improvements to effective tax rates are BELOW THE LINE savings.

PM Business Advisors can provide you with a team of Recovery Engineers to close this gap. Recovery Engineers assist companies with locating and recovering overpayments and assist in process improvements to assure it does not happen again. Our team has over 15 years of experience and has helped companies identify and recover over $200M in sales tax.

When it comes to sales & use tax, size doesn’t matter. Our team has had success in finding $250K in overpayments for companies with as little as $25M in revenue.

Company Recovery
$10B Financial Services Company $10M
$1B Consumer Products Company $1.5M
$1B Food Products Company $750K
$1B National Retailer $675K
National Real Estate Owner Operator $1M
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