Sales Tax Registration

Before you can begin collecting and remitting sales tax, you must register for a sales tax license. is a secure way to quickly and easily register your business online. The Sales Tax Register experts will help educate you on your options, evaluate your filing needs, and assist you in the registration process.

In general, retailers must register and remit sales tax in any jurisdiction where they have nexus. Nexus is established as having property, employees, or actively transacting business within a jurisdiction.

Sellers that collect sales tax must file sales tax returns to the state and possible jurisdictions where sales tax was collected. The filing frequency of the sales tax returns can vary from monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Collecting sales tax is an important step, but registering your business in the appropriate states is just as important as well. The lack of understanding of sales tax code for a state where obligation is established can lead well-meaning businesses and individuals with large tax assessments from audits.

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