Strategic Sourcing Services

Are you looking for insight into how your vendor compares to the marketplace? Do you need support identifying and onboarding a new supplier or are you seeking to reduce costs?

Our strategic sourcing services provide a wide range of budget optimizing solutions to achieve your goals. Our all-encompassing services include benchmarking, supplier identification and rationalization, RFX management, contracting and negotiations, and ongoing procurement process improvement. Leveraging our industry-leading techniques, we help our clients not only meet their current goals but work to achieve sustainable advantages for the future.

Our strategic sourcing services supports clients in a wide range of industries, in countless spend categories, providing:

  • Aggregated and categorized spend by commodity
  • Clear view of contract costs, terms, and conditions
  • Detailed product specification (quality, availability, and service requirements)
  • Understanding of fixed and variable cost drivers for total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Comprehensive Market Analysis
  • Cost reduction strategy recommendations
  • Development and execution of the RFX and reverse auction processes
  • Proposal analysis and vendor scorecarding
  • Supply-base change recommendations
  • Contract and negotiation facilitation
  • Implementation support
  • Ongoing process improvement, including auditing and continuous monitoring

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to strategic sourcing. That is why we partner with our clients to develop a customized strategy based on organization specific needs and considerations. We are not here to replace your procurement organization, but to act as an extension of your team bringing decades of experience and best practices to the table. Our on-demand resources provide the necessary support for any procurement initiative, whether you are in need of short or long-term resources, subject matter expertise, or tactical talent to get the job done.

Best-in-class companies do not wait until an organizational shift occurs to evaluate their spend and assess the options. Strategic sourcing is an ongoing core competency for ensuring proper processes and relationships, and agreements are established to reinforce your budget is being spent wisely.

To learn more about how our strategic sourcing service offering can help you achieve your budget optimizing goals, contact us today.

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