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Tax Strategy – New Jersey Tax Incentives

New Jersey Tax Incentives: Launch and Grow Your Tech Start-up Strategically

Take Advantage of R&D Tax Credits, NOL Sales, Other Growth-oriented Programs When planning to launch a tech start-up on the east coast, many entrepreneurs automatically think Boston’s 128 corridor or New York City’s Silicon Alley. We propose that from a business and taxation perspective, there’s another strategic place to consider for starting and growing a

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Energy Tax, Energy Tax Incentives

Optimizing Energy Tax Incentives to Properly Tax Effect Building Owners Expenditures for Renovations

Whether a commercial building owner is undergoing new construction or remodeling, energy tax incentives should certainly be utilized to essentially tax effect the commercial building owner’s expenditures for undergoing the energy efficient renovation project. As enacted in The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (hereinafter “EPA”), the I.R.C. §179D Energy Tax Deduction for building envelope efficiency

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