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At PMBA, we are committed to providing our associates with work-life balance, professional development, and career growth. In what would take several years at a large firm, our associates receive client-facing responsibilities, exposure to multiple taxation specialties and industries, and opportunities to lead conversations or present at industry events. Our team is a dedicated, diverse, and fun group of individuals eager to help achieve PMBA’s ultimate vision of becoming the most trusted specialty tax providers.  

If this sounds like the place for you, please email us at; attach your resume and cover letter or apply online for one of the positions below!

Available Positions

State and Local Tax

Our Indirect Tax group assists companies of all sizes with compliance, controversy, and consulting services for various Indirect Taxes, including but not limited to sales & use tax, telecommunications taxes, and excises taxes.

Federal Tax

Our Federal Tax Credits & Incentives Practices assists companies of all sizes, start-ups, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies in various Federal Tax Incentives, including but not limited to Federal Level and State Level R & D Tax Incentives.

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