Sales Tax Consulting

PM Business Advisors can help your company with any sales & use tax need. Our team of professionals are top thought leaders in the industry and have a broad range of experience from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Here are some of the services where we can offer you assistance.

Nexus Studies

There are many factors that are blurring the lines of state sales tax nexus. Recently we have seen a drastically disappointing increase in the number of states that have expanded their definition of nexus by passing click-thru legislation. The Federal government has also made increased efforts to pass various forms of the Marketplace Fairness Act. This legislation would require many remote sellers to collect sales tax. The expansion of the service industry has also made it difficult to determine whether certain business activity will create nexus. Our professionals deal with these questions every day and we are prepared to help you find solutions.

Tax Matrix and Determinations

50 states, 50 different sets of sales tax laws. Although there is some constancy, you cannot assume that all states tax the same transaction in a similar manner. Our advisors have helped many companies complete a tax matrix for their unique service line.

Voluntary Disclosure Agreement

A Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (“VDA”) is an arrangement with the government to abate or lessen penalties and reduce the look-back period for any type of tax that you may owe. In general, these agreements can only be completed if a taxpayer has not been contacted for audit. However, there are arrangements that can be made even if you are currently complying with tax laws. If you find your company in a situation where back taxes are owed, a VDA is a great option.

Tax Technology

The proper utilization of technology within a corporate finance or tax department is crucial in keeping overhead low but productivity high. Our team has experience in helping companies evaluate and implement some of the most popular sales tax technology available. Whether you are reviewing your current sales tax compliance options or looking to implement a sales tax exemption certificate management application, we can help you sort through the options and find the right technology solution for your company.

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